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Aksip Innovations

Location: Mumbai
Typical budget: $3,000-$10,000

Like the ever burgeoning swell of an expecting mother’s womb, the internet today has elasticized and fit a whole world into its belly. You’ll meet all kinds of inhabitants here. Big and small companies, probably unaccompanied by a good record, will still want to be earning big bucks. With the influx of these new establishments it could be very easy to get tricked and trapped into a hoax. This is how we stay ahead of the curve:


The nimble and new age team of designers that we are, we understand the importance of a word. More importantly, we understand the significance of the way a word is designed and written.

With our bank of self-designed as well as bought fonts, we will hop, skip and jump with the designs to accessorize your design with the best font available.
After swearing by Ms. Lois Knight’s articles on typography, we realize that a picture might speak a thousand words but there is no scratching the importance of a word that speaks a thousand words.


The layout of a website seals the deal or tightens the noose for it. It lets a brand be a direct mail or a luxury brand. We at Aksip Innovations not only know what images and content go with the kind of sites our clients want. But we also shall be helpful with the placement, the size and of course the whitespace. The precise use of whitespace or negative space as it is so wrongly called as, is one of the favorite and most competitive challenges of our designers.

We vowed to give all our clients fresh innovations in our work; but we haven’t gone back on our basics of

• Efficient navigation,

• Cross browser compatibility and

• Thoughtful user interface.


Yes, our designers have that mystical ability to say whether a color is working or not! Yes, our designers have their own stereotypical concerns over how yellow means cheap and how purple means royalty! And, yes, our designers are painstakingly perseverant, with their color ‘feelings’ and at times with their color ‘business’! But, this is exactly what makes them Aksip Designers.

Color theory knowledge + Safety rules is a lethal recipe in itself. But when added the potent ingredient of Client input which we never ever ignore, it results into a Website, which is completely unique, custom made and above all YOU.


Creative visualization we do here at Aksip, but not at the cost of the some of the most common faux pas that might occur regarding the practical side of the designing. Compromising the design a bit might just be THE solution at times; especially if it has consumer/customer/reader satisfaction on it’s versus. However much a design might appeal to us and/or the client, if there is a chance of the target spectator being even a wee bit displeased because of usability issues; it automatically means that the design works neither for the client nor for us.

• Dead links,

• Too many animations on one page,

• Small font size,

• Hidden login link,

• Pop-ups,

• Visual noise,

These are some things that we consciously try to avoid.


Praeteritis ipsa loquitur opera. Our past work speaks for itself.


Lastly and lethally, we try and stay fresh for every new design project that we undertake. Even when undertaken projects are underway we keep nurturing and replenishing our juices. We are all about the voices in our heads at times and sometimes just keep doodling on our journals. Sometimes we study artists that we admire and other times we quietly get lost into nature. Since designing is also our biggest hobby, you’ll always find us hobnobbing with design history, other art disciplines, old advertisements and mad-jabbing each other with all of this load.

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